All  racers welcome.  Gates open at 7, noise starts at 9.  Gate fee is $30 pp, 15 and under free.  EFTPOS at the gate and racer entry.

Open to anyone who wants to have a skid!  Gates open at 7, smoke starts at 11.  'Smoker' entry $50, gate fee $20 pp, 15 and under free.  EFTPOS at the gate and for those wanting to have a hoon.

Round four of the National Championship.  Gates open at 7, battle commences at 9.  Gate fee is $30 pp, 15 and under free.  EFTPOS at the gate and racer entry.

Racers are welcome to arrive and set up the day before. Entry will be available at any time if there is someone in the pit office (or find one of us), up until 7.30 pm the day before and early the following morning (Day Racers go to scrutineering first). Racers are reminded to have the Entry/SSP form fully completed before coming to the pit office.  Don't forget your logbook, comp licence, and civil driver licence (N/A for Juniors). Driver's briefing is at 8.30 am.

The Outlaw 71 & Gassers event also features our 'Hokitika Shootout' format where all racers run all rounds (no eliminations), with points awarded each round and tallied at the end of the day to decide the results. Pairings are determined by reaction times from the previous round. All classes will be run, and it's a great opportunity for racers who are coming to compete at the Summer Nationals to use this event as a test-n-tune, practise, or those who want to get their license.

The Taupo Burnout Champs is open to everyone!  Competitors queue up in the staging lanes.

The New Zealand Summer Nationals is round four of the National Championship. The format for racing is as per the One Series rules. This information is available from either governing body ( or

NOTE:  There are NO Pit Runners.  Racers need to check in at the pit office to see who they are paired with for each round, or organise your own pit runner.

The venue is open every day between 7am and 9pm.


Entry / SSP  Form

Save yourself some time.  Download, print, and fill out the Entry/SSP form to bring with you to the track;

Day Racers

Print this form, fill it out, and go directly to the scrutineering shed when you arrive at the track (large, unpainted shed near entrance to pits).  After scrutineering, take this form and your driver's licence to Entry in the Pit Office.



The drag strip uses the back straight of the circuit for the second half of the timed distance and the braking area. The drag strip is approximately 460 m (1500 feet) above sea level, and runs NE to SW. It is a full 1/4 mile drag strip, with approximately 650 m of braking (2130 feet, more than 3/16 mile) before the turn at the end. The drag strip surface is concrete from the 'waterbox' out to approximately 30 m (90 feet) from the startline, with fine-grade asphalt for the rest of the track.

The venue boasts very large garages with lighting and power, and very good toilet and shower facilities in the pits. The entire pit area is sealed, there is a cafe on site, and other food vendors may attend. Camping is available all year round.

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